Eira do Serrado, Nun’s Valley, Curral das Freiras, Madeira

GPS Coordinates: Latitude 32°42'37.05"N Longitude 16°57'45.40"W

The Eira do Serrado is located in the heart of the subtropical island of Madeira and is perched high in mountains at the head of the pass to Nun’s Valley.

The mountains that surround it and the magnificent drops down the valley will simply take your breath away.

At the bottom of the valley you will see a small group of secluded houses, Curral das Freiras; a village that takes you back in time to when everything had a slow and healthy pace.

The Hotel is the perfect starting point to some of the best ‘Levada’ walks on the island. If you are missing a bit of hustle and bustle, Funchal the capital of Madeira is a scenic drive away at just 12 km.


Pensao salgueiro

Eira do Serrado Hotel & SPA, vencedor Wedding Awards 2019 Casamentos.pt
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